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  • ProQRX is an online marketplace platform for chemicals where procurement team and the sales team engage themselves to close the deal instantaneously.
  • We are helping to evolve the procurement process of manufacturing companies to the next level of seamless, tech-oriented but quicker decision making function.

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  • Aluminium Fluoride

    CAS : 345555

    Concentration - 10-21%

  • DDT

    CAS : 123456

    Concentration - 10-10%

  • Quinalphos

    CAS : CAS454656

    Concentration - 15-56%

  • Ziram

    CAS : CAS5656665

    Concentration - 25-25%

Coatings and Paints
  • Defoaming Agents

    CAS : 123456

    Concentration - 10-10%

  • Dispersant

    CAS : 123456

    Concentration - 10-10%

  • Coatings and Paints Pigment

    CAS : 123456

    Concentration - 10-10%